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Friday, February 15, 2008

Night out with my dear sweetheart!

We took the girls to the church where they attend preschool, as their teen choir was doing a fundraiser and was babysitting. WE took all 4 and they even ate pizza there...and loved every minute of it.

William and I went to dinner and Lyndsey joined us. It was a nice time to eat and not have to worry about feeding 4 little mouth's...LOL. Lyndsey then left and went out with a friend and William and I wondered around Target, TJ MAXX and ROss..... Funny thing is....tonight we were approached by 2 different people in town about our blog.... They read it and folllow along with our crew. Nice to see people actually read it.. funny thing is, we didnt even know either couple....I think one's name was Mellissa....HI out there.. If you all reading this would do me a favor and below this is a comment on it and leave me a quick comment. I would love to know who all keep's up with us...and say HEY every now and pressure but its just nice to see who reads along.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

6 nice people had this to say:

William Michael said...

I think i am your most loyal reader. I READ every day and pray for our family!!!!

much love mom and dad!

Rita Andrews said...

I love you too son! Im glad you read and keep up with our crazy family. I do like blogging so you can follow along and feel like you too get to be apart of our daily lives.

I love you!

Shelley said...

*wave* You know I'm here. You're on my blog reader!

I want to know where you found your blog background!

Christine said...

I love dates like this. How nice!

Lori & Family said...

I read daily. I am a curb sitter from RR right now waiting on Gid to give a direction.

M'elle said...

I love your blog - one day (if God chooses open my husbands heart to it)I hope to adopt. ALL of your children are beautiful!