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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Week.....

Monday: Moms Day out for all 4 girls
Speech Therapy for Gabby and Giovanna
Go to Montgomery have lunch with my wonderful hubby while I wait for my new glasses to be made.

Tuesday: Speech for Gabby, Giovanna and Isabella
Special Instruction thereapy for all 3 of them as well
Physical Therapy for Giovanna, Isabella
Rush off to the hospital for PRE-OP for Gabby with all 4 in tow. She has her MRI in the morning
Go to lunch with the girls...they love Mommy and hamburger time together.
Go to the ortho place to see if they FINALLY have their SMO's correct!!! URG!

Wednesday: Mom's Day out for Giovanna, Bella and Lily
Gotta take Gabby for her MRI at 9 am...Please pray for her I hate them putting her to sleep...but gotta do it!
Speech after preschool for Giovanna and Bella.....will let Gabby sit this one out.
Have our physical therapist come over to remeasure for our SMO's Sure steps!

Thursday: CLEAN my house, grocery shop and finish preparing for Gabby and Giovanna's Kindergarten IEP! Oh how Im not looking forward to this...not like I dont want to do it, but just praying that I have a peace about it all when i leave there!

Friday: Take All 4 girls to preschool....
William and I will go to the school for the girls IEP meeting for the new K5 school year.
Registar them for kindgeraten

Saturday: William has drill all weekend long!

So for some of you that have asked me what a week is like in our house....this is a slow week for us! Next week we will be filling in with several specialist appointments for the girls.

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