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Friday, July 25, 2008

The children of Guatemala....


This video is one of many that the families of Semillas De amor orphanage in Guatemala have put together. For the children who are still waiting for their families to bring them home, help spread the word....they need to come home!!! the long year wait for Giovanna was terrible on us, I cant imagine what it would be like to wait more than 2 yrs.....lets pray these babies home!!!

Giovanna in the first picture was 12.5 mths old NOT 4! This was the first picture we seen of her, and fell in love instantly! She weighed only 9 pounds! TINY TINY!

The hold up on these kids is the simple but yet complicated POLITICAL JUNK! PGN, birth certificates, that they on purpose mess up therefore instead of taking 4 days to get them, it takes sometime months!!!! SAD SAD SAD!!!!

The Guatemalan government is not helping issues whatsoever!!!

These children deserve what any child deserves.....a chance to a future with a family that adores them! Please pray for the children of Guatemala right now, as the country has put a freeze on adoptions and the families that were in the process....jsut wants to be DONE...and reunited with their children!! Some cases, the children are already legally the child of the adoptive family, meaning everything is complete, but there is a hold on the child NOT to leave the country~ HELP these angels come home!

4 nice people had this to say:

Graham Shenanigans said...

Rita, what is the holdup on these babies coming home? Is it something political or money issues, health issues? That would kill me, knowing my baby was growing up in an orphanage while I was aching to hold him/her in my arms and offer them a family life!!!

Amanda said...

My prayers are with the children and the parents ... this is really sad.

William Michael said...

hey mom email me your address.

To my
I got to thinking i dont even have your email.

Did my doctors letter come today? if so call me.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Debbi. We have your squeaky shoes! Email me with where to send them.