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Saturday, September 6, 2008

what a day....

Well today I woke up early and headed out to met Leigh and we went to some yard sales!!! i was really surprised that there werent many out today. Then we eventually went to a children's consignment sale that happen to start this morning. I didnt buy ANY clothes but did find several boxes of the sight words for children. I had recently bought some at the school supply store and paid 10.99 and today I found all 6 boxes of them for only 2.00 each!! I was so excited!! With Giovanna and Lily learning sight words and will soon be putting them together to make sentences this will be oh so handy. I also found some of the beginner reading books for them...... after the consignment sale we headed over to the children's boutique in town.....Cute as a Button..... oh this store is so addorable. Check them out!!!

Well hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

PLEASE pray for me this week as it is going to be a very stressful hubby has to go TDY.....Oh I HATE IT!!!

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Prayin for you!