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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well last night Lyndsey called, we had 1 minute! She was calling to tell us that they were leaving this morning for their 10 mile hike to do their 7 day trip to the woods. We tried to listen to her but then tried getting in our questions...kinda hard when you have like 1 min!!! Anyway, she said she was still hurting really bad, and had a profile that said she could DO NOTHING! She was angry about that, but knew she was hurting too bad right now to do anything....she said she was worth nothing. OH i hate this! After her starting to cry and had to hang up the phone, Im about in tears!!!

I grabbed the phone numbers that we had for the Drill Sergants (We have never used them!) and handed William the phone. I needed him to call and get ahold of someone to let us know about our girl. He did get someone and they talked for about 15 min...he was not her direct DS but did know of Lyndsey and her injury. He didnt speak of her injury but told William to call in the morning (today) to speak with someone in charge of today we wait!!!! Im on the verge of a total cry, because i know lyndsey...I know she is strong, she is a perfectionist, she will not give up even if she is hurt, she will complete a task even if its hard, just to prove to you that she CAN do it....these are all strong qualities for her....BUT do cause a problem.....

PLEASE continue to pray for her...and thank you from the bottum of my heart to all of those of you who have emailed me to send your wishes and let me know your praying. We were told by the DS last night that worst case senerio she would be put in another group and graduate like a week or two later. She needs to graduate no later than April 2 so she can get to her AIT schooling in TX. Her class starts April 6th. Since they dont start this particular class every other week or so, she really needs to be there!!!!

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