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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a week its been.....SORRY I havent posted and had many of you emailing me about the girls.

All of the girls went back to school this week and did well. Bella didnt do therapy services this week because she was still really congested at the beginning of the week.
This week the girls celebrated Dr. Seuss at school. On Friday they got to dress up in their favorite character... And we were Thing 1 thing 2 and another Thing 2...Bella's was messed up before we left for school so she didnt get to dress up. I will upload pictures later today....

Saturday was beautiful day here in Alabama. We got up and got dressed and all headed outside to play. The girls loved it!!! They played outside for about 1.5 hrs then come in and ate lunch and headed back outside for about another 2.5 hours. The jumped on the trampoline, played on the jungle gym, and loved picking leaves off the tree and grass and making their version of a "PIE" weeds quickly became a flower bouquet for mommy......and their faces and hands were covered in dirt...oh boy...are little girls suppose to look like that??? LOL They loved it!!!

Today is Sunday and William is once again at drill. I am unable to take all the girls to church on theses Sunday's because all the children stay in the service for the whole praise and worship time....and keeping 4 little ones still for 45 min is tough...They love love love the music, but always someone has to go potty, even AFTEr we have taken them all before this really limits me doing it alone right now...

Michael is home until he ships out for basic training on the 17th. He is enjoying spending time with his buddies and hanging out....he is so ready for this adventure to begin. Lyndsey just sent him a letter to give him as many "heads up" things as she could...hopefully it will give him alittle help.. He says Yes Sir and yes Mam to everyone and so did lyndsey...this is going to be a hard good habit to break for the time of basic/ and in the military life.....SHE said she has made the "mistake" of calling the Drill sergants Yes Sir and she wants to fore warn him!!! PLEAse continue to pray for my "babies" as they are entering the new adult life of the military.

LYNDSEY update: She has hurt her back and shoulder..PLEASE pray for healing for her...she is very sore and said she has a hard time walking without a bad limp. She is always in pain. She has gone to sick call 3x's and all they have given her is 800mg motrin and some muscle relaxers. She hurts everyday and is just ready for this hard and regirous time to be over. WE will leave on March 25th (OUR 20th anniversary) to head to SC for her graduation. The 26th is family day, we are all looking forward to seeing her and spending some time with her....however you cant leave post so I have no clue what we will get to do without having to wait forever in lines of people...she will have to be back in her barracks by 8pm and get ready for graduation the next day. On Friday after her graduation, she gets to leave post with us and spend the night....unfortunatley she has to be back at post at 6am. They will be shipping her off sometime on Sat for TExas. She doesnt have to be there until April 6th but they have to get her off of the FT JACKSON post before then because new recruites are coming in. Im hoping that her down time will be somewhat of just that...down time so her body can relax.

I am gonna make an outfit for the girls to wear for her graduation, and then again for Michael's stay tuned.

Blessings to you all..... be on the lookout for the pics later today.

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Stephanie said...

I am so glad to hear you can't pull off taking the kids to church alone. I can't either! Especially with mine this little - I hope once Silas drops his morning nap and Asher is a tiny bit older it won't be as difficult, but right now it just doesn't work. I really miss going to church, though.