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Monday, November 16, 2009

My mom just called to say she is sitting in the pre op room with my dad waiting on them to come get him...he is already doozy sleeping. They will be taking the cast off his right leg. During surgery the will be putting pins in his ankle and fixing the bones. He has been in alot of pain today.

PLEASE continue to pray for my Dad and that he will start to feel better SOON! WE dont have any idea yet of when he will get to go home. Mom said that hasnt even been brought up yet. They moved him out of CCU/ICU and he is in a room now with nurses constantly in there. His lungs are trying to reinflate with his exercies. Mom says when he is totally alert/awake he tells her they need a plan for him to get out of there....but then he quickly relizes how much pain he is in and is in no way ready to head home. My dad is a very active man who loves the outdoors and running his construction business in Rose Mary FL so being cooped up in this totally NOT going over very well with him.

My mom sure could use your prayers too. She is tired and not getting much sleep as well as she hasnt left the hospital since last Wed night but maybe twice to walk next door to the store to get something. I so hate that Im 5 hours away and am not able to just rush down there...having 4 little ones does not make it easy to jump in the car to just "sit" at the hospital.

Thanks for thinking of him tonight during his surgery and for the following Weeks as he heels!

The lung/chest tube is now out. PTL ...he does still however have the two tubes in his back. Having 19 broken ribs, broke leg/foot, messed up hand, and punctured lungs doesnt do well on a 64 yr old body!

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Amy L said...

Sending prayers your mother and father's way, Rita!

angela_fink said...

Hi Rita, We're praying for peace for Uncle John and Aunt Elaine as this road to recovery seems like it's going to be a long one. It's good to hear that Uncle John is acting like himself though! - Love you all! Angela

Envyshope said...

We are praying for your Dad and Mom Rita. Kelli